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Portrait Photography
Unlike landscape photography, portrait photography requires a little more skills.
In the portrait photography at least not gets a complaint from the person as a model in the photo. It would be better if the model in the picture feel more beautiful or handsome than the actual.

In addition to not getting complains, portrait photography should also be able to display the characters of model. Character can be referred to the original character of the person photographed or any other characters that you want to appear as a model.

Because the main object of portrait photography is on the face, then should consideration by several things.

- Almost all of people do not like his face look fat. Effect of that facial caused by focal length of lens or angle of taking photo. Focal length of the lens ideal is between 70 to 150mm. Special lenses for portrait, generally have a focal length of 85mm, 90mm, 135mm. With wide angle lens will produce more distortion than a narrow angle.
Convex wide angle lens will produce greater distortion when the lens position make an angle, and reduced in a horizontal position.

Note the angle of the photo. Lower angle of the eye line will produce the effect nostrils protruding generally it will produce portraits that is not good. Instead angle is too high will produce such as bulging eyes.

Ask of which side is prefer to be photographed. Some people feel more beautiful or handsome from a particular side. As the owner of the face, they more familiar with their selves face rather than the photographer who just met. Another thing is the confidence of man who photographed also need to be considered. Tilt body facing slightly to the right or left will be visible relax.

Smile will generally produce good photographs, However do not ask smile before you are ready to press the shutter opener, smiling too long before you are ready will only produce a smile that looks unnatural because the muscles around the mouth, lips and cheeks get tired and will even vibrate maintain a smile.

Finally adjust the angles of the head, tilt and smile before you press the shutter opener. However the position of the person often unaware that his/her head like tilted or unnatural smile.

Pay attention to the face with a special character. Regarding Tip photographed faces with a special character will be discussed on its own topic

Good luck.