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 by: handayana

We often deplore our photographic equipment purchased expensive price contaminated with seawater when we want to photograph our family or scenic at sea. 
It’s become a dilemma when we want to capture the moment that has been awaited since departed from home.
More extreme if we traveling on speed boat, very often the big waves throughout our body and getting wet.
Which one do we choose? Keep taking photos with all the risks of the camera or keep the expensive camera in the camera beg and lost an important moment?
For true lovers of Photography, the moment is definitely more important than the camera. Trip that was planned and spend a lot of money leave it without memories of photography.
We still able to perpetuate the memory with camera remain safe.
- Plan a camera that will be brought to your trip
o Pay attention to the weather during the trip.
o Identify the field that will be pursued dusty, wet, hot, cold.
o Select the appropriate container when the cameras have to travel with a full load on our body.
o Do we have to carry all of equipment or take it to taste as necessary.
o Have hands free to move when we have to face the road terrain.
- The five tips above are the minimum that must be considered as a hobby photographer.
- For a professional photographer with a special purpose (covering the war, wildlife, etc.) Another consideration is still required.
Especially for sea travel, which must be prepared are:
- Plastic bag that can protect all of photography equipment if we have to face special circumstances. Of course, should a large plastic bag.
- Prepare some small pockets plastic that enough for a camera
- Prepare some food wrapping rubber (rubber bands), or insulating tape
- Bring small scissors in the camera bag.
- Make sure your lens is equipped with a UV filter.