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Designing a photo album starting from shooting

by: Handayana.

Designing layout of the photos in the album (display) is not less important than shooting. Moreover for important events such as weddings, birthdays or culture ceremony that need storyline. Many people after the shooting and about to try to compile the results into photo album is not enjoyable. Photos are nice and sharp but why it is less to tell a story?

Please try to note the following things.
- Does the composition of the album is in accordance with the sequence of events? it is important especially for the wedding album
- Does the album page loaded as one the left and right displayed photo in the connection story? (except the first and last page of course)
- Does  the photo album pages loaded too much and crowded?
- And other esthetic things that couldn’t be explained, such as color, text, lines outline, frame and size should be adjusted
Some tips when photographing for album
- In the event such as a wedding or other ceremony speech, do not take a close- up without any background that can be presented in the event to tell what the person is giving a speech . For this case you can take the angle from the side so that the audience seemed to overshadow on the left or right .
- If this is not possible due to limited space for example . You can take two moments to the audience and to the speech with a balanced composition comparison to later on be displayed on the same page.
- Pay attention when taking the speech from the left side facing the right and taking the audience from the right side facing to the left, so display two photos above are dealing in the same page or two pages at a position facing each other.
- Try to shoot a series of events in a variety of points of view. These photos need to be obtained toward the right and toward the left, some to be the frontal for group photo for example.

Sample of two events that gathering on two pages left and right side.
When the meal time, usually a queue in front of the food being served, try to take a position within or intersect with the queue in order to get a free wide angle shoot and overlooks the queue.
- It may also take photos of the food before it touched by the attendances to be inserted on the album.

Sample of meal time with inserting foods. Two pages of right and left page. Both side of pages are same theme “the meal time”
Think photo images that can be inserted in album eg photo ornament or vase of flowers, an empty aisle, custom events, wedding ring, or dowry / gift etc to become the background on the front of the title page.

Sample of Title page usually in the beginning (1st page)