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Optical Zoom and Digital zoom
Understanding the optical zoom and digital zoom ,
by Handayana

Zooming the camera is undertaking to make the image look bigger so more clearly seen.
In the era of analog camera, we already know the zoom to enlarge the image. At that time it was simply an attempt to use a long lens or telephoto lens often called a fix focus lens. Then came lens with various focus length often call Vario Zoom lens. In the science of optics to zoom is to enlarge the angle that falls on our eyes so the picture look bigger.This can be done with an array of multiple lenses so that the image should come with a large angle. The greater range of focal point more complicated arrangement of lenses in it. This is then called as optical zoom.

With the advent of the digital camera, now we know the term digital zoom. Many people are still confused what the difference is and which one is better
Digital zoom is an attempt to enlarge the picture in a way make to the picture’s angle that falls on our eyes wider.It's like you've got an image to be printed and then you ask some of the images were removed and only the parts of image you want be printed in a larger size.

Digital zoom and optical zoom can be combined as in today's digital camera. Eg in your camera mentioned 3x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom means after the maximum optical zoom reached digital zoom turn works to crop the images that have been captured by the optical zoom had become even greater.
The question is, which one is better?
By understanding this you can definitely answer this question. Optical zoom captures images in a certain number of points say in one square inch = 10,000 points. Then the image was made digital zoom which part of the image is discarded or disposed of most points to become 6,000 points, then brought back to the same size as one square inch. The results of the cropped image to be larger but the distance between points become wider or quality of image become noisy.
So which one is better? ......... Yes your answer is right.