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By: Handayana

As I've promised to write article about using Manual mode with low speed, here is I will discuss a bit about what and how to paint using light.
There are two senses of light painting

First : the object is the light itself there is also a mention as light painting . Here the light acts as a brush in painting, and the canvas is the sensor capture of photos camera or called film in era of analog camera

Secondly: the object of photograph is ordinary objects such as humans or other goods not light that is captured by but light as a complement plays an important role in the process of shooting. Here the effect of light acts as a conduit of light on the main object. The difference with a flash or studio lights is use continuous light like a candles light, torches or other lights that are not flashing like a camera flash

So what's the difference with the usual shoot something? Yes the difference is creativity to produce an unique but still nice photograph

What needs to be prepared?

1.We have to use the camera with Manual Mode or facility that is equipped with Bulb. Manual Mode Camera usually have the lowest speed of 30 seconds. Well with Bulb facilities we can use as long as the shutter speed button suppressed so long as it is a process of catching light

2. Prepare a continuous light source like a flashlight, candle light, tungsten, bulb, flame or torch.

3. Tripod that hold camera does not move, unless you want to move the camera in a stationary light source. Imagine the brush is steady while moving camera as canvas sweeping the brush

4. A dark room with a dark background or can be located on the top floor on buildings where light is minimal.

5. Cable release to keep the shutter remains open until it stops capture.

6. Object to be photographed of course

Well after everything is ready and set our camera to Bulb mode, set the aperture 4, 5.6 or 8. Although it could be a higher rate would consequently take longer open aperture.

Starting shoot the object:
If that will be photographed light itself, began to press the shutter speed button and hold, then move the light as we'd like. We can paint by moving the space as light as the canvas, or write something like living as paper. Instead we can also move the camera over a light source. Already satisfied with painting the room with our imagination? Now release the shutter. See how t does. Satisfied?

If the object to be photograph is a goods, see the object with camera viewfinder and start press the shutter and keep it hold. Object must be stationer so does the camera. Then we begin to give a smear of lighting in the stationary objects. We able to illuminate certain parts of the object longer than other parts, give the variety of colors of light on the specific object or according to our creativity.
With practice and practice we can produce pictures as our expectation

The abstract light painting entitled Merapi Eruption 2006 made with a moving camera technique against stationary light source.