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by: Handayana

As a continuation of the past study about wedding photographs, the authors want to discuss how to take pictures in front of the altar. For the writer, photographed in front of the altar is more relaxed because we do not have to looking around the object for can did shoot. But remember, wedding photo in front of it must be good because this is what they want to print large and usually will be displayed in the most esteemed room at home. Photographed in front of the altar should also be prepared with extra lighting but not enough to ruin the beauty of light decor. Also photographed in front of the altar should have the ability to set a good arrangement of the position of the bride with all the guests who joint to be photographed. Do not forget to use wide angle lens, it is not uncommon companion who participated were lined up in front of the altar were so many and fill the entire room.
If all the above requirements can be met, we stay with the technical photography in our camera. Do not set a high ISO for photos in front of the altar. Such as a high ISO 800, 1000 and even 1600 will result in reduced image quality if you have a large printed later. The author commonly use ISO 100 to 200. Then make a small aperture (large number) whenever possible. Then the speed not less than 1 / 60 sec, although this did not mean those who can be photographed is generally relatively quiet. How if the ISO low, speed and aperture can’t compromise? First of all the author to sacrifice the aperture, which means that the width of the openings made little or diminished numbers of one or two stops. If it still not enough then raised the ISO to 400. If not enough speed can still be reduced to 1 / 40 sec, plug the camera on tripot to reduce hand shake. If it is still not enough? next time bring bigger light. Another tip? Generally the bride being on stage and photographer stay on floor position lower. It should be noted that the horizontal position as close as nearby achieved between the camera with an average object that will be photographed, if necessary, photographers climbed on chairs or bring their own benches. What is the losses if not horizontal? Well if object to be photographed too much full to the right and left corner, otherwise there will be effect of oblique gradation more in the edge