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by: Handayana

Wedding photographers often equip themselves with a mini-studio. Why is called mini-studio? yes because the photographer wanted to capture the wedding bridal photo in front of the studio screen which is usually colored base like a photo studio. Some basic blue combined with white clouds, dark brown but can be somewhat brighter in the middle or black, maroon and so on. Due to this mobile photo studio, then typically span the width of the screen is only about 3 meters by 2.5 meters high. Troublesome wedding photographer with a mini-studio is often forced to photograph of the bride by the number of families who are not adequate. This means that the mini-studio is ideally only for 2 plus a pair of bride’s parents, but his extended family would like also together in the mini studio. This is often produce images with the object outside of the background screen. Unfortunately again wedding photographers are often difficulty to give directions to-be in the proper photograph. So how does the wedding photographer so do not lose the sympathy due to often resist in this photo?
There are a few tips that I use as the wedding photographer to overcome this problem.
First, when setting photo studio, select the location where mini studio scenes dark behind the back drop.
Then remove the ornament who do not need on either side of the back drop such as pots, chairs and all equipment which emit bright light, etc..
Lastly, if using tripot as mast of back drop use a dark color, not shiny like the masts of iron with chrome.
What is point of this reason? Nowadays most wedding photographers or even all of them already use a digital camera. Of course after shooting, wedding photographer would do "the darkroom process", in the digital photography called editing. If may be (for example) the results of this wedding photo edges out of the screen, it is easy to edit.
Most wedding photographers will darken the edges of this, usually the more gradations into the middle of the brighter screen. The process of darkening the part and out of the screen of course is much easier when not interfered with bright colors. We can cut the sections out of the screen, but this process more difficult and necessary thoroughness.