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by: Handayana

On stage photographed due to author is quite difficult. The main reply because usually there are limitations rule by the committee regarding the photographer maneuver as not to disturb other audience. Another rule is not allowed to use flash, it usually shows who a serious nature such as theaters, music concert or other performances on the stage where the audience pays and is usually seated according to class ticket. Because of limited photographers can’t use a wide angle lens and almost impossible to use tripot close to the stage in front of the audience. Is not constrained by the committee if necessary photographers tripot and flash? Not really, the flash causes the images to be flat, while tripot makes limited and slow motion.
Then how to make good photographic results?
There are a few tips to produce excellent photos, the atmosphere of the stage should be recorded properly, I mean usually performing on stage was equipped with a strobe light colors and other decorations that will look good when combined with stage light effects.
The atmosphere is actually going to be "flat" when the stage ablaze. So without flash photograph is right. The problem is the movement of show on stage are often so fast that make shutter speed also have to adjust. Consequence of this situation is less light , the camera would be complete misery. In such conditions only ISO was can help. The author experience as a stage photographer sometimes have to set ISO 800 to 1000 is enough to record the atmosphere of the stage complete with stage relatively dim lights. Moderate Shutter speeds from above 1 / 30 sec (faster) is still feasible to hand held that is not necessary using tripot. Little effect on the motion of the hand or foot on stage is usually visible images even be alive. Regarding the angle viewfinder, and artistic tastes it's up to each photographer