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As a photographers we need to build partnerships with the model before shooting. Trusting relationship needs to be nurtured because often we are only acquainted with the model when the deal for shooting. It is also necessary for the preparation of photographers associated with the time, place, atmosphere, etc..For professional photo models deal is often done by the manager. The model is not limited to photo model that have been familiar acting in front of the camera but also couples who will perform pre wedding photograph, or a birthday party for example. Deal with professional photo model is not too difficult but still necessary. Difficulties often occur when couples are rarely rare to be photographed and awkward because of acting in front of the camera or in front of strangers. Mutual trust must be built between the models with the photographer intended to avoid any awkward feelings towards a model with photographer. The woman who is rarely photographed by a photographer who had known there was a feeling suspicious that the photographer going to exploitation the model. Not to mention that pose problems for some people often seem hard and stiff. Sometimes taboo for a particular pose of the model and this should be fully realized by the photographer prior to shooting. Photographers do not impose it’s a must just because have much experience or already known. Remember as a photographer more frequently shoots compared to the model because the model is only going to get married should be photographed. Photographers are servants to their customers so does they have to serve them. This approach should be done several days or several hours before the shooting. The things to be learned when dealing with a new model known are:
- Listen to his/her desire.
- Learn how the nature of personality is he/she shy or open.
- Learn and see his/her family background, education, work,
- Dig a confession if the shooting because of his own wishes or desires of others.
- For pre-wedding photograph, the photographer should be able to talk with both   partners
- Ask and give advice on the theme of photography and clothing to be worn while shooting later.
- Ask if they feel uncomfortable with a certain pose in most eastern people, before the couple officially became husband and wife there a limit to moral and limit to religious norms.
- Give advice on what is wanted in connection with the conditions and experiences photographers.
- Build confidence that the photographer will help to bring about what desired.
Well, the point is the photographer has to serve? If the photographer can build that trust, the model will feel relax, not intimidated and, feels photographed as his/her friend. The end result is when the shooting took place, usually pose will flow with smooth, naturally, and this greatly helps success of shooting. Good luck.