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Photo hunting at Semarang and surounding
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Photo hunting at Semarang and surounding
by Handayana

Photo hunting around Semarang?

Semarang as the capital of Central Java province has several locations for photo hunting. Unfortunately it is still not known by most people outside of the area of ​​Semarang due to lack of publicity. Publications so far available for tourist destination only certainly a little bit different with photo hunting.
It took 3 days.
The first day, let start from the city of Semarang. Semarang Old City and the historic heritage places much store can be the object of photo hunting. If you are interested with photo documentation, let go of the old town of Semarang. Start with around Tugu Muda Statue. Small monument in front of house of Semarang Mayor's office a statue of five days Semarang battle repel a Japanese invasion of 15 to 19 October 1945. This monument was also used as a symbol of the province of Central Java. Close to the Tugu Muda was formerly office of Dutch Railway Bureau named Lawang Sewu mean thousand doors. Lawang Sewu also been used as a prison for the Indonesia warrior by the Japanese invaders.

Lawan Sewu by: Handayana

Still around the Tugu Muda at the corner to another street to south also find the Catholic Church Cardinal residence, the highest position of Roman Catholics in Indonesia. Still around the city of Semarang, point your vehicle to the old town from Tawang  Railway Station to Gereja Blenduk many of Dutch colonial heritage buildings are still viable, and some have been renovated. Also in the city of Semarang, try searching for Sam Po Kong temple in Semongan or known as the Gedong Batu mean Stone Cave House. This building is the largest temple complex and the largest in Indonesia. The temple was first built by Admiral Zheng Ho, he goodwill traveled to Malacca, Sumatra and Java in the early 15th century and landed at Semarang.

Sam Po Kong by: Handayana

The second day, satisfied with the city of Semarang try to navigate a bit out of town towards the south or towards to Yogyakarta-Solo. I recommend for this trips out of Semarang start in the morning. Start at 6 am in order to get better morning light shooting. Only approximately 15 km you will see the highest pagoda in Indonesia. It is right alongside a major road at Watu Gong. You can go in and take photos there. Do not be too long because there are still about 20 km towards to Solo you will meet with the swamp Rawa Pening. Try to get Tuntang village before you are too late to the Rawa Pening. Once interring the Tuntang bridge, look to the right there are Rawa Pening 

Rawa Pening by: Handayana

Just about 200m from the bridge you can park your vehicle there and rent a boat with guide.
Many villager activities can photographed as human interest. Rather afternoon of Rawa Pening, just about 8 km navigate your vehicle to the city of Ambarawa, the target is railway museum. If you come on Pon is name of Javanese day, you'll see the cattlel market in Bawen just about 2 km from Tuntang towards Ambarawa city. In the Cattle market there are a lot of activities that can be photograph as human interest. Continue trip to Ambarawa. Railway museum is quite well preserved and can be immortalized as the object photos with different type of locomotives made by Kruff of Germany from the early 1900's. If you are lucky sometimes there are men entourage chartered train trip three rails down to the Rawa Pening village and up hill to the village name Bedono. Try to join in a group carriage ride only about 10 kms away from this museum.
Satisfied with the railway museum photos, navigate to Bandungan just 6 km from Ambarawa. Take the relative cheap lodging in Bandungan and enjoy overnight there.
Day three, the cool air Bandungan do not make lazy to get up early, because starting at 5 in the morning you have to be ready at dawn Bandungan flower market. Don’t miss this flower market photo hunting. The florists from farmers nearby Bandungan, coming to the market that morning, carrying flowers wares. Flower market photos have won a photo contest in Indonesia and abroad. Do not be too long, because at 7am to 8am market was quiet again.
If you still want to hunt near the flower market there is Bandungan traditional market, not less interesting, a variety of fruit and vegetables sold in traditional markets. Done photo hunting at traditional market, you can have breakfast broil sate or vegetable salad with peanut sauce around Bandungan. Oops, do not waste your time, finished your breakfast, navigate your vehicle to Gedong Songo Temple just 6 km from Bandungan. This temple complex is located on the hill, it is Nine temples separate around. You can walk or ride a horse around the nine temples. At noon you can get down to Semarang again to see the results of your photo images in the computer.
Good luck, let hunting in the city of Semarang