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by: Handayana
Learn the wedding photography must already have basic knowledge of photography. Why? Learning the wedding photography according to the authors is more difficult than just learning landscape photo for example. The author ever know with people who the author think is good photographer, he was often photographed birthdays, but when asked to photograph the wedding he did not dare. What difficulties learning wedding photography? wedding photography by the author learned the most severe is the mental, in addition to wedding photography will be done in front of many guests, wedding photography also learned there is a feeling that the ceremony can’t be repeated. Imagine if you had to repeat the ceremony for example, what about the guests who already have gone home if it was possible was told to come back just for the scene again? impossible isn’t it? Well that's affecting people who are learning wedding photography should be pretty to mental feeling. The next difficulty of learning the wedding photography is to show the moment, the show run pretty fast. While wedding photography sometimes have to fight with other photographers in getting a good angle viewfinder. The next difficulty in learning wedding photography is the lighting or irradiation. Generally the atmosphere is rather dim room light or stingy. This is not meant to be saving electricity but rather the atmosphere is more beautiful decor with dark game is also sometimes used bright lights of different colors adapted to the decor. And what about artificial lighting to learn wedding photography? Okay we carry more than one external flash to illuminate the entire room, but what happens if the room just seemed ablaze with the flash that we take it? then the effect of light has been designed by a decorator who became corrupted. Picture just looks flat and clear, the value of art to be reduced. So how should learn wedding photography. This author's own experience while still studying wedding photography about 30 years ago. At that time, the authors studied an internship with real wedding photographer who has experienced. Fortunate author to be a lighting man or a man who likes to carry a flash to serve real photographer. Then when chance to learn the wedding photography? Yes, when it was changed from event to event or eating or shaking hands, one time author holds camera replace real photographer. Photographer take lunch for example, results author can learn wedding photography when camera did not used . Of course, step by step if we show really want to learn seriously wedding photographers want to help author provide his camera and directing how to set up the aperture, angle, and the speed of shutter. Turn real photographer who was holding the flash. Well the author sense in all things, learning through internships is the best. Then practice, practice and practice while on the job trainings. Good luck and do not be afraid to learn wedding photography

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