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Getting Money from your Hobby
by: Handayana.
Many of the businessmen started t from their hobby. At first it did not thing that hobby will bring them money.
So do it with me, when I was in junior high school, my dad bought a Yasica photo camera box. He was happy to take pictures even thought about if this could be used as a side income if he retire later. Understandably in the civil service, retirement is often a scary thing. He actively learned from friends who pursue photography and first shots are always recorded for each photo to be compared with other photo results later. Then in the early 1970s he bought a black and white enlarger printing equipment worth Rp 75,000 for mold can produce its own. There I began to follow to learn how to print black and white photos. In Semarang, Dibyo Photo Store is pretty good place to ask, besides friendly uncle Dibyo is also always willing to share his knowledge. Day and arrived the day we learn the ability to be able to receive orders and print photos as well. Frankly I'm not too interest in printing process, except to follow the will of my father.
Eventually every school activity, I ventured to bring cameras, snap there and then I sell printed to my friends. At that time the price of a black and white photo size 4R is Rp 50, -. So I became known as a photographer in junior high school-I Kudus. When over time the nails and my hand became yellow due to developer chemical and fixer for print, I began to away from the darkroom operation printing photos, especially if the fume of developer is not good for health. When the era of color photos in demand, we eventually idle printing equipment, to purchase tools for color printing is quite expensive and the results have not been balanced by the cost of production.
Photography as a hobby is still but practically not active, then I want to reply SLR camera which is handy than the box camera, but my father insisted that the box camera results are better.
 When I started college in Yogyakarta, thought about to be able to continue my hobby and all earn money if possible. Just then a boarding friend of mine in Yogya bought camera Asahi Pentax K-1000, this sophisticated camera at that time and I am only able to borrow to learn photography. To buy obviously impossible, to bring camera's father is also not of interest. On the other hand, my uncle in Semarang who started photography as an activity to fill additional income, and quite well known at that time I often come home to Semarang from Yogya when there is job as a wedding photographer. I am still as the lighting man. From my uncle as well, I started hanging out with experts in the city of Semarang, especially photo experts who joined in the SPC (Semarang Photo Club)
I never became an official member, but many members would actually know and even follow-up activities of hunting, even to the exhibition.
I still do not have the camera itself but certainly a powerful dream if I had money the first thing to buy is photo camera.
At the end of the school term, I often alternating Yogya - Semarang to assist my uncle as a wedding photographer. Finally at the end of 1982, I helped SPC members who got order photo Calendar. When I was given to find models and certainly I participated of took care of equipments. Model photo shoot done with Hasselblad camera, this camera really sophisticated in my opinion. From the 6 models I have provided I was paid Rp 30,000. At that time I have started applying for jobs and the money I got become capital when I went to Jakarta to receive a call to work in a petroleum service company.
The first three months of my work, the company sent me to company’s school in Singapore.
Here was my chance to collect extra money to buy a camera in Singapore ware cheaper than Jakarta.
The first camera I bought was the Canon AE-1 Program black body. It costs around Rp 250,000 at that time.
Wow I started to confidence with that Camera, every job I always bring spaciousness camera. Almost all the oil world in Indonesia I have explored and recorded in my camera.
From my frequent bringing camera, an ex-sailor friend of mine who also worked at the same company, offering me a medium format camera.
He said, someone in Europe booked this camera if he sailed to Japan, but ultimately from Japan the ship never returned back to Europe. He had two and both were new. Finally I bought one for Rp 200,000. Camera Zenza Bronica ETRS series full manual, it was the beginning of 1983. I became acquainted with the medium format when viewing pictures of friends with Haselblad. So I have two cameras, medium format and SLR camera. From this medium format camera the first time I got award in America photo contest with 1st place and 2nd place. I started intent to run my hobby photos and several times received an award winner and was selected in photo competition especially overseas.
Both of these cameras I care for very long, even Zenza Bronica finally I sold with price Rp 3.5 million when the digital age began to bloom in 2003. That's the only camera I have used for 20 years which was still expensive sold.
I was selling Canon AE-1 program first because electronic camera can’t be stored longer, when it’s component some damage, I find it hard to get spare parts. Eventually I moved to Nikon M10, full manual camera directly when it was advertisement, Ibought it for Rp 1,300,000. This is the  last analog camera I ever have until I moved to digital camera in 2003.
My first digital camera is a Minolta 7hi, I bought it in July 2003. Shortly after I had a digital camera the first order come was documentation of 25 floors apartment building in West Jakarta. Shooting every 2 weeks starting from piling the base and when finishing once every month. Before construction was completed, I did change my camera with Canon SLR camera EOS 300-D brown color. From this Canon's I get order as a wedding photographer and photographed orders began to flow.  Then I get into the Canon 400-D, then D-40 and buy another 400-D for my daughter who started to love photography. Job photographed get paid a lot and all the camera equipment plus the supporting accessories I bought from the job as a wedding photographer. Now I want to continue the dream of my father’s dream, if retire I will became a professional photographer. Hopefully and may God blessing me.
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