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Getting money from my hobby.
by: Handayana.

Many of the businessmen started t from their hobby. At first it did not thing that hobby will bring them money.
So do it with me, when I was in junior high school, my dad bought a Yasica photo camera box. He was happy to take pictures even thought about if this could be used as a side income if he retire later.

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Man at work


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Enjoy Hunting at Traditional Market

by: Handayana 

I love the photograph of Traditional Markets especially when the atmosphere is very thick like typical of the traditional men or women wear, the goods are sold in the market differ from other regions, how to display the goods etc. The process of hunting itself is very exciting, especially the level of difficulty of candid photos in a very chaotic situation. I myself have a collection of photos of Traditional Market from various regions in Indonesia
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Flower Market                                                         Denpasar Traditional Market

Learn Wedding Photography 
by: Handayana

Learn the wedding photography must already have basic knowledge of photography. Why? Learning the wedding photography according to the authors is more difficult than just learning landscape photo for example

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